Feeling lost, unsure, and anxious with your career?

Navigate your Quarter Life Crisis with


Quarter Life Breakthrough Program

A program to demystify the myths about quarter life crisis, understand its key principles, and learn practical, proven steps to radically transform your quarter life


"Am I choosing the right career?"

"If this is the right career, why do I not feel fulfilled?

"Does that mean that I have to follow my passion?"

"Should I leave my job?"

"He has accomplished so many things in life. Gue cuma butiran debu."


If those questions popped out in your mind this year, you are not alone


Those thoughts went in my mind on the early years of my career

I got a great job with amazing colleagues and learning opportunities

But somehow I felt empty

I did not know if it was me who had the tendency of overthinking

Or is that because I did not have the "right" job


I have one question for you

How would you navigate through the feeling of anxiety, doubt, and lack of clarity about your career?

Before answering the question, read all the things below. 

  1. Well, I don't think about it. The more I think about it, the more anxious I get
  2. I don't want to plan because I don't know when the pandemic will end
  3. I need money. I just want to carry on my job.
  4. I have very little control over my career. Why should I plan about it?
  5. I don't know how to navigate it as noone has told me how

If you answer a lot of YES, congratulations! You are not alone.  

We have been consulted about career by many people

Those are some of the most common concerns that they have

So, where should we start?

Let's dig into the program

How does Quarter Life Breakthrough Program Look Like? 


This program consists of:

Bite size recorded videos with total duration of 2 hours.

We condensed our years of experience in navigating our career and helping others to do so with the following content

  • Definition of quarter life crisis
  • Indicators that we are facing quarter life crisis
  • Reasons why we get trapped into quarter life crisis
  • Toxic myths and empowering truths about quarter life crisis
  • Guiding principles to navigate through quarter life crisis 
  • Super simple steps to transform quarter life crisis to breakthrough

 The content is delivered in Bahasa Jaksel :)


An exercise workbook with powerful questions, framework, and tools to guide you moving forward

After you watch our video, you should This will aid you to reflect, plan, and implement tactics to gain clarity and confidence about your career


What is the impact of joining this program? 


This is a very good question. This is the first time we run the Quarter Life Breakthrough Program so we don't have alumni yet. However, we have testimonial from the participants of our other program, Meracik Hidup. Let's hear what they say after joining our program


Who is going to teach in this program? 


This program will be taught by Vicario and Ika. Let's get to know more about them

They will deliver the content with the following principles


Comprehensive and Science Based

The content is created based on loads of books, videos, and life experiments. We also explain the science / research behind the approach :)


With +2000 hours of teaching experience with various audience and format. You won't get bored hearing us sharing about QLC


We share the super simple steps that you can do right after you join our program


How much is the investment?


The total value of this program is IDR 500.000,-

And we want to make it affordable to more people

Thus we have a special offer for you

Normal Price

IDR 100,000,-

  • Bite size recorded videos with total duration of 2 hours
  • An exercise workbook with powerful questions, framework, and tools to guide you moving forward 
  • [BONUS] Recorded Webinar  "Tingkatkan Kualitas Pandemi Dengan Flow" with total duration of 2 hours