Paid Programs

All programs are online based and run in Bahasa Indonesia. 


The program is for you if: You’ve read countless books, joined loads of courses, and tried so many strategies to overcome your limitations, overthinking, anxieties, but nothing seems to stick. You’ve achieved great things in life, but something feels like missing. It is hard for you to experience happiness, contentment, or even fulfilment.

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This program is for you if: As a lifelong learner, you feel lonely. People judge you as an overthinker and ask you to slow down. You want to be part of a community where you can hang out with people who are as committed as you are to lifelong learning.

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This program is for you if: Your life starts to get stagnant. You start doubting if you are at the right place. You start questioning your passion, ikigai, and purpose of life. You want to explore but don’t know where to start

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