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Introduction to Living with Heartfulness

It is not a coincidence that you are here. 

Either someone has referred you to this page or for some chance, life has directed you here. 

I started sharing these concepts to my friends and they keep recommending their friends, so why not publish this online?

I am not here to sell what this course is all about, since it is free anyhow. My intention is to make this available to anyone that is curious about how to be a better human being, in every sense. 

This course is for you if:

  • You're curious on ways you can improve your life
  • You've been intimidated by terms such as Mindfulness and Meditation :p -- and wonder if there's a pragmatic approach to those
  • You've tried a lot of tools to make or help yourself be happier or calmer but seem just didn't work. 
  • You're a type A person who don't really believe in the fru-fru stuff, but curious enough to explore. 

Key things we will explore together in this course:

  1. Definition of Awareness, Mindfulness, Meditation and their purpose
  2. Why sometimes Mindfulness (and friends) fails
  3. The science of Mindfulness; its effect in our biology and physiology
  4. The 7 mental models that can help in practicing Mindfulness pragmatically
  5. The 1 minute Mindfulness-Heartfulness practice that can call calm in just 1 minute
  6. The easy breezy joyful Meditation
  7. Pragmatic tips for your journey

This course is chill, relaxed, all in your pace for your space. Like having a conversation with your friends (or me) over coffee :)

All you have to do is put your email address right here on the side. Let's connect!

With love,