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FollowYourFlow was born in the middle of 2020 Pandemic as a curiosity, "How might we help our friends and our community thrive and find meaning during this interesting time?"

Research has shown that the best predictor of well-being in quarantine isn't optimism or mindfulness, but flow. At work, study shows that employees who often experience flow perform better than those who don’t.

Followyourflow is built with the belief that when we follow the activities that create flow, we will not only unlock our potential, but also truly live. People who practice flow are more aware, mindful, creative and also resilient. 

While Flow is not yet a popular concept in Indonesia, its potential and power are gaining traction internationally. We are here to help organisations, teams and leaders to use flow so that they can create both excellence and fulfilment in their lives. 


Vicario is a project / program management practitioner with a proven track record to plan and execute talent and organizational development initiatives in a diverse and distributed working environment. On the past 5 years, he has been working on internal communication & change management, career ladder, recruitment, learning & development, and employer branding.

Aside from that, Vicario is an experienced public speaker, learning facilitator, and parliamentary debater.

Finally, he is currently harnessing his written communication through writing on Medium

Aristiwidya (or mostly known as Ika) is a seasoned HR and Personal Development Professional, a Certified Coach, also Mindfulness Practitioner. With 15+ years helping Organisations, Teams, Leaders and Individuals use science and pragmatic approach to improve their performance and effectiveness, both in professional and personal life.

Her most recent profession (and play) as SVP of People and Culture in a local tech company solidifies her passion for People and Culture and how to use science to unleash its potential.

As a facilitator, she is favourite amongst Millennials due to her energy, approach and communication style.

You can 'hear' her here or here

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Once in a while, Vicario and Ika work with corporations and nonprofit organizations by:

  • Facilitating learning sessions
  • Delivering keynote speeches
  • Sitting on the panel discussions

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