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Hi, we are Vicario and Ika!

Hi I’m Vicario!

I graduated with an engineering degree, started my career as a management consultant, and made a transition into the tech industry.

In the past 7 years, I have been developing my expertise in people and organizational development through wearing multiple hats such as: parliamentary debate trainer, life & career coach, learning facilitator, public speaker, and organizational development practitioner.

I’m Aristiwidya (or mostly known as Ika),

I’m a Computer Scientist turned HR and People Transformation Practitioner. In the past 15+ years, I’ve worked with hundreds high-achieving individuals, teams and organisations on how to be better learning leaders in both professional and personal life using science backed methods.

Our approach


  • Pragmatic - We share simple actionable steps with proven results
  • Science Backed - We explain the researches behind what we preach
  • Transformational - We strive to create foundational and lasting change

Let's hear the stories from our participants...

Ditha - Gojek

Belajar dari #FollowYourFlow itu memang berbeda dari segi content, cara dan dampaknya. Gue merasa gak tau terimakasih aja sih kalau sudah dikasih kesempatan belajar ini tapi gak gue gunakan dengan baik-baik. Secara konten, strategi-strategi yang diceritakan tuh gak conventional. Bukan hal yang denga mudah bisa gue google. Trus juga sangat sederhana dan sudah dikunyah and dijalani. Jadi ada wisdom dalam strateginya, ini membuat gue gak merasa sendiri. Ada beberapa hal yang membuat gue sangat nyaman, seperti:

  1. Tidak mengajarkan untuk menjadi nomor 1, tapi menjadi diri sendiri

  2. Tidak mulu-mulu fokus ke hal-hal yang eksternal, tapi fokus ke hal-hal yang internal. Semua dikaitkan ke nilai-nilai diri, jadi lebih nempel. 

  3. Tidak berpaku pada mana yang benar atau salah, tapi apa yang paling cocok untuk diri sendiri dan situasi saat ini. 

Rangga - Kargo

The time I spent with Mba Ika has been super transformational. In a nutshell, Mba Ika has helped me build a better relationship with myself — understanding my self limiting beliefs, setting clarity of my ideal life vision and purpose, and unlocking the best version of myself. Her contagious positive energy really inspires me to teach myself how to “feel good”, and teach my mind to focus on positive thoughts that lead to good feelings and motivations. What I like the most from her is she focuses a lot on practical and actionable next steps that I can immediately apply to my life (e.g. habits or activities that help you to be in “flow”) and hence I can feel the progress right away. There is still a lot to discover about myself and how I can unleash my potential, but I feel like I will somehow figure it out with the tools she’s giving me!

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